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The Drama Teachers' Member Site gives access to an extensive collection of teaching resources for drama teachers.

There are currently over 500 resources available in 10 categories, with 50-100 items added each year.

250+ monologue scripts

Our script bank contains a large collection of 10-minute and short (1-3 minute) monologues, including a library of classic monologues.

3-part playwrighting course

110 playwriting resources. Perfect for the Scriptwriting IP or for actors writing their own scripts.

Monologue support material

Keen for a deep dive? A growing resource of support materials for our monologue scripts, including analyses, audio recordings, video breakdowns and performer interviews.

Extensive video libraries

Four separate video libraries including long-form monologue lessons, a director reacting to monologue performances, fantastic performances of our scripts and advice for those looking for a career in the arts.

 Want a quick tour? 

This 15-minute presentation covers what's on the Drama Teachers' Member Site and gives you a tour behind the curtains of the Member portal

Like what you see?

Want a quick tour?

 Starting with what's new in 2023, this 15-minute presentation covers what's on the Drama Teachers' Member Site and gives you a tour behind the curtains of the Member portal. 

Our 10-minute monologues have been performed over 1,000 times in 20+ countries and have won dozens of awards.

These 40+ pieces are perfect for solo performances, festivals, dramatic interpretation or humorous interpretation in speech and debate competitions, Individual Performance for the HSC or the World Monologue Games
Endurance category.

Monologue Masterclasses are designed to help your students dive into the chosen script, develop their character and be ready for the Individual Performance.

Each Masterclass pack includes:
  • Original script (plus clean version)
  • Updated 6-8 minute scripts
  • Written analysis of the script
  • An audio recording to help learn lines
Our classic monologues are a library of monologues from classic authors, plays and novels. This is a new – and growing – section of the Drama Teachers' Member Site.
Playwright Boost Writing courses

These 3 complete courses cover the fundamentals of writing a play.

The course incorporates video lessons, info sheets and practical exercises.

There are 260 matching points from our resources to the IP: Scriptwriting assessment criteria.

Classroom Lessons are projects that can be done in class, as longer assignments, or both. Each lesson comes with video instructions, a lesson overview and additional resources.
Monologue Reaction videos: Pete Malicki reacts to actors performing monologues, providing expert tips and feedback.

Pete Malicki is a monologue specialist and Founder of global acting competition World Monologue Games:

Performances by professional actors of monologues from the TMP Script Bank.

Watch top performances of some of our most popular award-winning monologues.
Career advice videos.

A selection of creative industry career advice for students looking to build a career in the space.

20 resources available to members.

Love our resources and materials but not ready to commit to an annual license?

We always want to support the drama and performance community and continue to offer great free content on our sister site.
Head over to www.monologues.com.au to check them out.

The licence for these materials will be for individual personal use only. Schools may use this content with permission directly from the author.